BEST series

in celebration of same sex marriage, here are wedding whathaveyous :)

BEST Wedding Proposal Ever 1 - saw this first and i was touched by the guy's effort to be traditional which is very similar to how we do it here. naiyak ako dito. sniff. sniff.

BEST Wedding Proposal Ever 2 - nyeta! mas naiyak ako dito! patok ang mega-production number. hehe. i think the song did it for me and the girl who's been crying non-stop. hehe

And now, the BEST Wedding Gown EVER- courtesy of chico garcia's blog.

of course, with that kind of gown, it only deserves this "kepskeyks" as dessert (still from chico garcia's blog). hehe. omg! omg! i wish they taste better than the real thing! kasi sayang naman, ang DAMI! wahaha!

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