Lessons from Virgin LabFest 7

Set A: Higit Pa Dito, Balunbalunan Bingibingihan, Ondoy
  • It's not always about lessons learned or deeper meanings. Sometimes it's just about storytelling and sharing. *translation: hindi ko nagets yung play na ito. hehehe*
  • Let's not confuse desire with feelings. They are two distinct animals fed differently.  
  • There is love in war. 

Set C - Streetlight Manifesto, Kawala, Evening at the Opera
  • Life is not governed by logic. And besides logic is not generic. We interpret logic differently.  Aka differences in opinion
  • Sometimes, what we dream of is not really what our heart wants. This takes some time to realize though.
  • True, we always have a choice. But there's really no pure choice. Our choices are influenced by the people we love or obey, shaped by our experience, and muddled by our own sense of justice/vengeance.  Everything is justifiable.

Set D: Mga Lobo tulad ng Buwan, Valley Mission Care, Bawal Tumawid Nakamamatay
  • There is no such thing as a heart of stone to a consistent, persistent trigger. Bang!
  • Living isn't all there is to life. Sometimes dying is a way to live.
  • We are all connected by a string of stories and knots of encounters. We are all part of somebody else's  story if not our own.

Set E: Kinaumagahan, Requiem, Kafatiran
  • No one has the monopoly for a difficult job, relationship, life. Comfortable cohabitation is defined as compromise.
  • Never be late on a play *i didn't understand Requiem because i was late. hehe*
  • Even unaccepted individuality seeks for companionship.

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