happy happy! :)

This blog started seven years ago, july 14 to be exact. The same year Virgin LabFest and Cinemalaya were born. Unbelievable. The coincidence is so cosmic that it’s like the alignment of the sun, moon and earth for me. My holy trinity – theater, cinema and writing. Wow! Am feeling so Dan Brown right now. hehe. My ultimate threesome fantasy has actually been fulfilled by the universe long before I verbalized it. I love you universe. =) so much that I wish I could make love to you right now and make many more universe with you.

This is probably the profound reason why my life makes sense lately. I’ve been happy ever since I watched the plays of Virgin LabFest 7. I realized, thanks to your comments, that all it takes is to do at least one thing that makes me happy each day and I’ll be fine. Just one thing and the day will surely be great for me. Just one thing against numerous ugh stuff. That’s how powerful one act of happiness is. And if I ever doubt myself (since am not used to being happy often), I just tell myself, you deserve this girl! :)

I have one body, I will take care of it. I have one life, I will live it. I have one heart, I will follow it. And I have one day for everyday to be happy. I will savor it.  Making each day count, ad infinitum.


Purple said...

Love the last paragraph dear. =) Love it!

Anonymous said...

this is what i'm talkin bout fw! :) keep it up! :p

Anonymous said...

To do one good, happy thing for one's self, everyday. This one I will take with me. Thanks for the reminder. :)

firewomyn said...

@purple - i love it too! hehe.

@anonymous - thanks :) i plan to keep it going ;)

@borderlineunfriendly - i think you phrased it better. hehe. thanks too! ;)