top 10 things to do when bored at work

and blogs and networking sites are blocked in your network:

  1. Google your name and see what appears to be your virtual popularity measure. 
  2. Change your desktop wallpaper. if ally mcbeal has a theme song, you have your wallpaper theme. hehe.
  3. Run the anti-virus, run scan disk, run through a checklist (if you don't have one, then make one for heaven's sake! hihi). running is a sign of busy-ness.
  4. Organize your mp3s. i hope am not the only one who's data cluttered
  5. Organize your digital photos. it's easy, i just load them all under one folder labeled "SORT"
  6. Cleanup your inbox. cleanup can mean deleting what's unnecessary or if you're an email junkie, tidy them all up in their neat separate folders. by year, month, day, by sender, by importance, bisexual. haha.
  7. See who's online on YM and chat with someone you haven't talked to in a long while. yeah, am that bored.
  8. Unclutter your table. usually, when people do this, i suspect the person as resigning soon or to be fired soon. why the hell would you clear your desk if you plan on staying. it's almost saying goodbye. unless it's bidding adios to your boredom. :)
  9. Google "what to do when bored at work". the height! i do this all the time. when i'm stressed, i google, "what to do when stressed". my thought process is my problem can't be so new or unique that somebody else must have experienced it and blogged about it already. simple yeah? :)
  10. Do your accounting, expenses, see what's left and discover to your horror that you're negative. ugh. so go back to #9.

    From my aimless surfing, i discovered these two wonderful sites:
    • zenhabits - interesting  and makes you think posts. i started doing "work while standing" from a post i read here. you know that full to the neck feeling after a heavy lunch break? but you have to sit and work come 1pm? the good news is, you can still work while standing. did this and removed bloat while still productive at work. really cool!

    • wouldhavesaid - pure genius, the creator of this site. there is so much to tell but can't due to countless excuses. now you wouldn't have the excuse. i think this one's therapeutic. :) we can even come out here first! :)

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