8th Virgin Labfest - stage plays

it's that time of the year again! :) plays, indies, and more plays. :) join the fun and watch!

Virgin Labfest is an annual festival that serves as "a venue for playwrights, directors and actors to bring to life untried, untested, unpublished and unstaged plays" held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

related articles here. schedule below :) highly recommended is Set E as I've seen it last year. :)

June 27, 3pm & 8pm / July 7, 3pm / July 8, 8pm

PagsubliBy Aizel Cabilan; directed by Melvin Lee
An old native man and a soon-to-be-wed lady from Manila's pagsubli (pagbalik) or "return" to memory lane unfolds discoveries of each other and of themselves.

Symposium - By U Eliserio and Maynard Manansala, directed by JK Anicoche
A girl, a boy, and his mother. The boy's mother is dead. The girl may or may not have been involved in the boy's mother's death.

Digital Divide - By Ricardo Novenario, directed by Andoy Ranay
Students maneuver the digital divide and how it creates barriers between rich and poor. Or is it all in the mind?

June 28, 3pm & 8pm / July 7, 8pm / July 8, 3pm
HayopBy Mar Anthony dela Cruz, directed by Erik Matti
Milet is being treated for dissociative identity disorder. She has five alternate personalities and one of them may have killed her husband.

Ang Unang Regla ni John
By Em Mendez
Directed by George de Jesus

A coming-out story of a young boy brought up in a hyper-machismo family, who, upon discovery of the first signs of puberty, attempts to shave off the thing he hates most.

Isa Pang Soap OperaBy Reuel Aguila, directed by Dennis Marasigan
A family grapples with truth and memory as a mother's Alzheimers disease puts the family memoir her son has written into question.

June 29, 3pm & 8pm / July 4, 3pm / July 6 8pm
AlejandroBy  Chuckberry Pascual, directed by Roeder Camanag
What happens when a gay man loves a straight man for seven years and has to finally confront the life he's been living?

KunehoBy Guelan Luarca, directed by Emman dela Cruz
In exchange for P4 million each, five men are hired by a mysterious employer to transfer a loaded body bag from one room to another.  Then they get locked in.

High Stakes
By Mixkaela Villalon
Directed by Ron Capinding

Teo Mesina wins the P700 million lottery jackpot and disappears but grants an exclusive interview a month later. Teo's friends, relatives, and enemies go after the reporter.


SET D Full-length play
June 30, 3pm & 8pm / July 4, 8pm / July 5, 3pm

Totong Hilot 
By Jose Dennis Teodosio
Directed by Roobak Valle

 This autobiographical play chronicles a summer in the life of a ten year old boy as he contemplates becoming a manghihilot just like his grandfather.

SET E Virgin Labfest 7 Revisited
July 1, 3pm & 8pm / July 5, 8pm / July 6 3pm
Kawala By Rae Red, directed by Paolo O'Hara
The intertwined lives of a condominium's residents affect an important life choice of the building's elevator boy.

Evening at the Opera By Floy Quintos, directed by Jomari Jose
Miranda Beloto's obsession with bringing to her impoverished province the first staging of a full length opera while dealing with her corrupt, insensitive governor husband and her manipulative mother.

KafatiranBy Ricardo Novenario, directed by JK Anicoche
A different side of history is shown through a faction of smart, art-loving, mild-mannered young men in the Katipunan at the dawn of the Philippine revolution against Spain.

Staged readings
July 4, 6pm

Walang Kukurap By Layeta Bucoy
A suspense thriller revealing the shady politics and unethical business practices so prevalent in the Philippines today.

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