thankful and hopeful

whenever i learn of new people coming out or LGBT folks making it big or doing something really cool/great, i get energized. it gives me comfort. makes me cry. gives me hope. makes me proud. :)

no matter how far away these wonderful LGBT-related news are, they still feel close to my heart. it's like their reality can soon be a reality in my own backward world. like me saying, look people. look at how advance countries practice/define equality. how can all these countries, states, good, respectable, credible people be wrong and  bad??? 

it's a global, networked, connected world now. i am thankful to be living in this age where distance no longer matters that much and communication happens instantaneously, in multiple instances and channels (and am not referring to tv :D). the only barrier left really is in ignorance.

maybe in time people here will understand. they will later on catch up. it sure does feel like snail-crawling pace! but the same way many people are now into twitter, fb, instagram, in emails, apple products, android, wider acceptance, real equality will soon be common and basic.

while many out and prominent lgbts are overseas, i feel strong affinity with them. as i don't see them as citizens of other countries, but more like my sisters/brothers in this tight-knit lgbt community.  which makes bullied gay kids' anguish my pain, ellen degeneres' success my hope and Anderson Cooper's strength my strength. his pride, my pride. he is after all my newest great big gay brother. and i love him =)  *hugs*

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