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in the first place, you make racy sound bad. racy is good! even great! it's something we need and want otherwise sports illustrated, fhm, rogue, etc won't flourish. what is life if racy is non-existent?! dead b-o-r-i-n-g! if i had 3% body fat like Stephanie Rice, damn! i would not just wear racy suits, i might even walk around naked!

like the author below, i don't effin understand the fuss about her suit. i mean, swimsuits are somewhat a uniform for swimmers right? i also know the bottom part of the swimsuit is excitingly, pulsatingly low. s-o w-h-a-t?! it's not like she'll wear that during competition! and because i am a strong supporter and advocate of racy, err, i mean stephanie rice, more pix of her at the bottom for our racy minds' pleasure =) go rice! :) 

*this is one of my tambak labada posts, which i didn't have time to post sooner. i posted really nice extra photos of her as my way of apology :)*

Stephanie Rice, gold-medal swimmer, criticized for wearing racy swimsuit

Swimmer Stephanie Rice, who swims for a living while wearing a swimsuit in a swimming pool, is catching flak in her native Australia for tweeting a picture of herself in a swimsuit. The nerve of some people.

The three-time gold medalist took the shot of herself wearing a birthday gift from designer Ellie Gonsalves and posted it on Twitter. It made figurative waves one month before she defends her Olympic titles in both individual medleys.

Some Twitter commenters thought it was another disgrace to an Australian swim team that's recently dealt with a gun controversy. There was also concern that Rice's sponsor, Speedo, would be upset by the photo because -- I don't know -- they don't like free publicity? But, rest assured, Rice isn't even with Speedo anymore!

Oh, how you disappointment me my Aussie friends. I can see how this would be a big deal in America, what with our Puritanical sensibilities and penchant for affected moral outrage. But in Australia? The land founded as a penal colony where everyone's laid back, even when comparing the size of their knives? She's a swimmer in a swimsuit! That's like getting upset at Michael Phelps for walking around shirtless. Plus, isn't it like 115 degrees during Melbourne summers? I just assumed everyone walked around like this.
My theory: This controversy was ginned up so papers in Australia had a legitimate reason to run the photo. For shame, y'all. We'd never stoop so low in the United States. (See below for more Rice photos.)

Despite the absurdity over the uproar, Stephanie isn't necessarily in the right. Doesn't she know the rule about taking racy photos of yourself in the mirror and sending them over social networks? Angle the phone to the right so the flash doesn't obscure your face! Or don't take them. Yeah, that's what I'm probably supposed to say there.


 even fully clothed, she is racy hot. i mean, just look at those arms!

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