about time

i finally gave in. no more excuses.
if time is the problem, time is also the answer.
i have accepted the fact that i will never be less busy as i am now.
and the key is to simply give it time.

i bought a new pen and notebook.
i am writing again :)
the very idea gets me through a grueling day
like having a secret lover at your doorstep after a tiring day, i'm inlove.
like a secret identity under the office suit, i'm empowered.

i bought 2 books, 100 love poems (phil love poetry since 1905) and fast food fiction.
i am reading literature again :)
enough of the technical IT books i've been studying necessitated by work.
i want to enjoy reading again.
to read because i want to, not because i have to.
seeing different lives from other's eyes, i'm enriched.
learning various viewpoints, expression, i'm inspired.

it is time. to live. to love.

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