goldfishes in action

Goldfishes in action ... read on.

goldfishX is a girl i've dated with,
got intimate with somehow,
but surprisingly, we never became a couple,
for reasons that puzzles me up to now.
and we do like each other.
we've been swimmin for a year now.


goldfishX : i tried and i failed
goldfishX : story of my life
firewomyn : hav u tried me?
goldfishX : i dont know did i?
firewomyn : prang der was an attempt pro nde mo tinuloy
firewomyn : *i may be wrong din ha*
goldfishX : ....
goldfishX : i actually dont know what transpired then
firewomyn : aku den e
firewomyn : *grins*
firewomyn : parang antagal n kc
goldfishX : there was something...perhaps
goldfishX : maybe we werent available
firewomyn : yeah, there was always this unfinished business that we tend to set aside.
firewomyn : but sumwhow, we try to reconnect nmn and start from step1 over again
goldfishX : again and again
goldfishX : hehehe
firewomyn : yeah
goldfishX : i think your life's ok...maybe i dont want to mess it up
firewomyn : "life's ok" is an illusion
firewomyn : we all have dysfunctionalities
goldfishX : my life on the other hand is complicated
firewomyn : and we tend to think our lyf is shittier than the other
firewomyn : i luv complications!
goldfishX : my family won't approve whatever may occur...
firewomyn : do u need their approval?
goldfishX : i am even bound to marry someone
firewomyn : a lot can happen
firewomyn : and change
goldfishX : yeah
firewomyn : between now and tom
goldfishX : i guess


goldfishX : hi
firewomyn : elow
firewomyn : :)
goldfishX : kamusta k na?
firewomyn : ok nmn po
firewomyn : kaw?
goldfishX : still trying to live normally. kaw kwentouhan mo naman ako...
goldfishX : musta mga gimik mo?
goldfishX : dates?
firewomyn : ok nmn
firewomyn : more on watching muvis gimik ko
goldfishX : dates?
firewomyn : as in date today?
goldfishX : ngayun? may kadate ka ngayun?
goldfishX : i mean memya?
firewomyn : wala
firewomyn : kaw?
goldfishX : wala di naman ako masyadong lumalabas kaya more often wala kong date.
firewomyn : ah.
firewomyn : ano current emotional state mo now?
goldfishX : i dont know what i want anymore....i wanted just to be happy so i guess confused and lost
firewomyn : ah, ok lng yan, more than 50% ng tao s mundo ganyan feelin
goldfishX : buti ka pa hinde
firewomyn : sows
firewomyn : kala mo lng yun
firewomyn : lahat nmn ngkkproblem
goldfishX : youre strong, you can get whatever you want be with someone na gusto mo...
firewomyn : kung totoo yan, e di sana naging tau n noon.
firewomyn : ...
goldfishX : di ba may partner ka noon?
firewomyn : noong wala p kong partner
goldfishX : nyek...parang evrytime nagkikita tyo may partner ka
firewomyn : hehehe
firewomyn : ganun b?
goldfishX : e totoo naman
goldfishX : oo kaya
firewomyn : ohwell, u had ur chance then, u blew it!
firewomyn : wehehe
firewomyn : joke lng po
goldfishX : soory na lng ako no?
goldfishX : hehe
firewomyn : as if nmn gusto mo ko maging gf no
goldfishX : you're cool irresistable ka nga e i dont know why parati na lang almost....hehehe
firewomyn : lamo kung baket?
goldfishX : inde
firewomyn : kc nde kita sinagot! joke! joke! joke!
goldfishX : malamang.....nakalimutan ko kasing magtanong...hehehe
firewomyn : wehehe
firewomyn : mgtatanong p b? e nagkiss n nga tau e
firewomyn : *kamot ulo*
goldfishX : oo nga e
goldfishX : hindi ko na nga maulit....
firewomyn : ang alin?
goldfishX : kiss...
firewomyn : ah
firewomyn : gusto mo b ulitin?
goldfishX : ...
firewomyn : ...


goldfishX : kwento ka naman
firewomyn : ano b ko, personal storyteller mo?
firewomyn : :D
goldfishX : oo my personal story teller
firewomyn : may bayad b ito?
firewomyn : may bayad b ito?
goldfishX : dapat ba melon ako bayad iyo?
goldfishX : akin luki negosyo
goldfishX : ako wala pela ngayun
firewomyn : kht nde pera
firewomyn : ano bang meron k n magugustuhan ko?
firewomyn : ;)
goldfishX : melon ba?
firewomyn : kaw, wat can u offer?
goldfishX : i dont have anything to offer all i have is me and a few pesos
goldfishX : hahaha
goldfishX : pampelikula no?
firewomyn : yeah
firewomyn : cheesy
firewomyn : cge n nga
firewomyn : kahit isang 10minute french kiss n lng
firewomyn : hmmm...


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jillsabs said...

that's some crazy flirting there! enjoy :)