strike anywhere

last night, i learned arafat died a week ago.
i was also told by a colleague that there'll be a major public transport strike today.

so im late for work.
edsa seemed deserted w/ public vehicles this mornin'.
damn those car owners who won't let me hitch.
masiraan sana kayo!!!

and debate is in its 6th yr already (from d 'libre' paper i read from the man standing beside me while waiting for mrt).

geez! where have i been?
taga-earth pa ba ko?
im so out of the loop!

and this makes me feel ashamed as a pinoy.
where has activism in my blood gone?

has it been dried out by years of corporate brainwashing?
has it withered by the seemingly bigger, more urgent & direct needs of my family?
has it been diminished by the global orientation i've been fed with daily?

i'm proud to be pinay!
but i doubt if 'pinas is proud of her daughter gone astray.

apathy. ugh!

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jillsabs said...

parang the strike didn't cause the damage that the strikers wanted. siguro if the buses also joined, they would have succeeded in paralyzing the metro.

of course, this means bad news to us commuters but what a statement to the government!