goldfish memory

"... you know, gold fish has only 3 seconds of memory
that means if it takes 3 seconds to swim around the bowl,
everything is new.
each time two gold fish meet, it's like it's the first time..."

so if i can be that forgetful, then i can experience love (everything),
all over again and again, without carrying the past, minus the guilt,
everything crisp, everytime, a first time.


but then, that means i will never settle nor stay in one relationship
w/ the same womyn, long enough to know her and she to know me.


are you a goldfish?


jillsabs said...

i want to forget but i also want to eventually settle down.

so yes and no :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. parang 50 first dates.. :)
pag gising mo.. aawayin mo un katabi mo kse di mo na sha kilala.. hehe.. :)cute..