wear art thou?

i'm not in my natural element today.
for someone who's been into shirts, jeans & sneakers day in day out,
coming up w/ a smart casual outfit for some academic tech talk is a toughie!
da tech talk is a breeze, but the outfit? ugh! do i really have to?!

apart from the fact that i lack corporate clothes, it's just that i'm never comfy with them.
i'm not as mobile when i'm in them bec sometimes certain outfits require care in movement.
and i can really be careless and carefree.
they're mostly not cotton material so you can imagine me melting like ice cream on noon time.
and i don't think that feels and smells good.

awful! awful!

so it's kinda limiting. and ohso uncool i tell you!

that's what's great abt my work.
power/position is not equated to clothing.
i can come in shorts, slippers or sando and i'd still be as efficient as i can be.
except of course for this special occasion that i have to do otherwise for image purposes.

here in 'pinas, people tend to base success on what people are wearin.
connotation goes: the more corporate, the higher is the position, ergo, higher salary too!

and i'm telling you now, that's a fallacy!
specially in the fields of IT and artsy-fartsy.

my mom (who's from old school, literally & figuratively! wehehe!)
always chides me on how i dress for work.
she goes, "ano ba yang suot mo?!
napagkakamalan ka nang factory worker ng mga kapitbahay!"

geez! as if i care!
as if they know what's in my payslip.
when they know nothin, except gossip. (pardon for the rhyme, can't help it at times :p)

so how did i fare in my smart casual quest?
i ended up w/ a semi-see through green polo paired w/ navy blue jeans and black boots.

i am smart. definitely casual.
and that suits me fine.

**on a side note, the tech talk at dlsu i dare say was successful :p

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