food for thought

m so famished that my head aches already.
i dunno what's wrong with me.

i already felt the tummy need hours before.
and i know, without thinkin that i'll soon be hungry.
and i also know by experience that once i dont get the nourishment i need,
my head would be bitchin with me already.

and yet, i just continue with what im doing.
disregarding all the warning signs.
so my present predicament.

i dunno why i behave like this.
it's almost a death sentence if i continue with this eating pattern.

is it just pure laziness to go downstairs and scrounge for a meal and satiate the demands of
my complaining tummy? or a hunger strike after all the unjust things done to me by my ungrateful profession?

i think im just plain nuts.
i knowingly abuse myself.
and i have this deep-seated faith that my body

will self-heal and self-sustain.

who am i kidding?

knowing is not enough.
and faith has limits.

im soo dead! ugh!

**ramblings of a famished womyn**

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