yuppy's (young urban poor professional) tale

back to earth!

work sucks big time!
just when i've been doin' my damn best all for the love of my work, i get to be knocked down by the ultimate fact abt being a yuppy (young urban poor professional).

it's all about the dough!

i just got the big news that my salary has been slashed to half all because i failed to copy furnish the big boss' exec. asst in my mgt report for 4 friggin' days.

this implies that a day's work is broken down into two:

50% actual work w/ output (meetings, submission of deliverables, issue resolutions, sending of reports)

50% copy furnishing the EA on sending the mgt report thru email

Whatta fuckin' revelation to me! Tangina!

As was taught in UP, the corporate world doesn't just kill the activist in you -- it obliterates it!

I'm really upset right now. crushed, disgruntled and uber pissed!

heaven help me :(

I've been in series of overnight work for days now and the usual fighter in me is not up for a duel right now.
I lack the physical strength to argue and spit fire. I may feel beat, but definitely not beaten.
Tom is a day for reckoning! Tangina nyong lahat! Resbak time!

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Cherie said...

Whoa! That really sucks big time!!!


Hell hath no fury like FIREWOMYN'S wrath ;-)