fish & fire wisdom

1. when someone says "I love you" to you, it actually means, "Do you love me too?"

-nugget of wisdom from goldfish memory

2. when someone says "i love you" to you

a. and you don't feel the same, just say, "thank you!" *that says it all*

b. and you like the person but not really love yet, just hug the person tight *it's a positive response w/o really committing to anything yet*

c. and you want to test the sincerity of the person, ask, "why?" *if s/he can't say anything, it's probably just great sex! wehehe!*

-nuggets of wisdom from firewomyn

hapi weekend!!!


death screams happiness said...

yes the best ang payo ha..... i know and i feel ur sexual preference at nakakarelate ako. hehehe. one day, ill follow ur advice.

red_door8 said...

cool.. *deja vu* haha