The good stuff in Golden Globe Awards!

I bet you've never thought this could happen huh? :D Relish!

These actually happened in the recent Golden Globe Awards 2010 when Sandra Bullock bagged the Best Actress for a Drama film. She was so shocked/happy that she suddenly kissed presenter Meryl Streep, to which Meryl gamely obliged.

Haven't seen the film, but I think the pix below are more dramatic! Hehe. :D

See it in action here: Meryl Streep & Sandra Bullock kiss

It seems to be a trend now for two hot women to kiss, or insinuate that they can be gay. Either to shock the straights, to check how it feels like, to be cool or to just join the gay fame.

I dunno, by reflex I wouldn't want it, because it's like using gays to show off. But then again it makes being gay common which will make people comfortable with gays in public.

It also helps to educate people that gays are not limited to the obvious kind (ex. butch).

In the age of Lady Gaga, user-friendly and shock value are the hit mix! If they use us, might as well use them too. Huh! Freaking fair deal. So go kiss the next hot womyn you see, just make sure you're as hot to be kissed back. *wink wink*


When a girl acts like she's lesbian with her friends in a joking way but she's really not lesbian. Also, when a girl makes out with another girl strictly to turn guys on.

someone who pretends to be a lesbian to gain attention from guys, or because being a lesbian is the "cool thing to do"

sapphosexual, faux lesbian
a straight woman who indulges in the lesbian lifestyle just because it's trendy

SOURCE: Urban Dictionary


Anonymous said...

is it just me or madami na talaga gays ngayon na all out? hindi lang boys but gerls even.. at hindi sila shy mag PDA ha. howel..is it the "in" thing now, parang megan fox ba? sigh..there goes my exclusivity- twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm a newbie here. I found this site through google search and I found this forum interesting so I drop by.
Thanks for welcoming me in advance!

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - same sentiment here. i dunno if it's because "in", but maybe mas open na rin mga tao about it. pero im happy na rin atleast, the more, the many! hehe

@Anonymous - welcome!