the color of tutut

was thinking of what to wear for a future job interview, when this entered my mind. certain outfit colors have varying effects. and some even profess that choosing the color to wear in a job interview is as important as answering the question, "why should we hire you?". so here are stuff i came up with, some colorful meanings or meaningful colors, oh whichever! =)

Black - is polarizing. People perceive it as either intensely good or intensely bad.
Red - is intensely passionate or intensely mad/angry.
Yellow - intensely pro-Noynoy or intensely pro-Kris. hehe.

And then there's Green, which isn't exactly my favorite color and haven't even thought of as anywhere near strategic. But then...

Green - is the color

> of money (fortune)
> of luck (remember the four-leaf clover?)
> of an on track project (we call it project health colors, yellow means at risk, red means delayed)
> and of course, it is the color of desire, thus the expression - green minded.

I'm surprising even myself, because I used to think it's red for desire. Anyhoo, if green is the color of horny, then its heroic embodiment must be Green Hornet! Haha. It's even redundant and hyperbolic - it's green and has horns for crying out loud! Green Hornet, the champion for lost libido! The hero to make you grin from bleep! bleep! thoughts. Hehe. I'm soo going nuts. Hmm... nuts...yum... I'll stop now.

Green in traffic means Go! To me that translates to "if you're horny, then GO forth and fornicate!" (since lezzies can't really biologically multiply).

What are you waiting for? GO!!! =)


Anonymous said...

exactly! go go!
it all starts with lambing, if you both have forgotten :)
text mo lang siya ng 'i want you'. baka pwede na? with my gf, pwede na eh. hehehe.
try sending malalanding texts ;)
i am no teacher, pero one thing for sure i've learned, sometimes, what you give is what you take :) you really have to work on it, to get it.
- the anonymous

Kim said...

ur two most recent posts have something to do with tututs... ohhh damn... now i'm sure u'r not really getting any. hahah! go go go!

firewomyn said...

hey ladies! =)

@the anonymous - am actually very malambing and assertive. so i feel i'm often the one initiating.i want her to this time do the first move. i'm testing what will happen if i don't initiate. that's where am coming from.

@kim - did you think these are all fiction? :)