Mocha for breakfast

this will be real quick as i need to have breakfast already. chanced upon mocha uson's blog. remember her? the womyn with a girl group of the same name whose lip locking with her group mates hit the tabloids? the photos were during their private party but somehow went public. she denied they're lesbians. but later on adhered to the bisexual kind. however, i've never seen her linked to any men and her photoblog in Maxim (which is no longer in circulation sad to say) has various images of her kissing lotsa women! she also said she can kiss a woman anytime, but not as quick with guys.

Krista Ranillo, Jaycee Parker, Maui Taylor, Katya Santos, Precious Adona, Andrea del Rosario and Aiza Marquez. Can't this girl be any luckier???

sunday's usually dull and boring. now it's not if you get mocha early ;)

Mocha Uson's blog

for the ultimate blood rush! ofcourse, save the best for last. :D

ano ba ang pinagkakaguluhan nila dun sa baba ni mocha? wehehe. gusto ko rin makigulo at makisiksik! hahahaha

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