consummatum est part2

where was i? oh, after shower. work robbed the time out of me, thus writing only now. well, moving on...

after our shower, we changed to new clothes and fresh perspective. we took on new clothes only to take them all off in seconds! haha. the moment we hit the bed and embraced, it was automatic.

we stared at each other's eyes. just seeing the love and passion, nothing else.

she cupped my face and kissed all my worries away. she took off the shirt of my sentiments. she pulled down the pants of my recent struggles. unclasped the bra of my defenses, until finally slowly tugging down the underwear of my tampo. removing the last shred of doubt.

for every exposed skin, she whispered her heated feelings, my skin steaming in reply. i arched to raise an issue and she thrust deeper to prove her point.

all the burning questions i had were answered with equal intensity in her nipping, sucking and humping.

we bent backwards, turned over, to discuss and expose all angles of our concerns.

we moaned in agreement and screamed on the major stuff.

she opened her mind real wide. my tongue probed farther just to understand her more.

she writhed with my inquisitions, while i drowned in her moist emotions.

we exchanged our ideas thru our fluids.

all nigh long. we talked. mind, body and spirit. all nigh long.

it was soo good, lumampas pa ko sa langit and went intergalactic. hehe.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear/read you got some "action"... pareho tayo on the "pride" thing, kaya luz lagi ang gabi.. howell..kaloka ang blog ni mocha...i have to remember na Sunday ngayon- twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

ang ganda ng pagkakasulat! galing!
- the anonymous

mcluvin said...

THIS is why guys find two women together hot. Thank you for feeding the fantasy.

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - maybe we shoud stage our own "pride" march. haha. yeah. mocha i think is extreme. but am happy that she is somehow. wehehe.

@The Anonymous - salamat po sa papuri! :)

firewomyn said...

@mcluvin - you're welcome. in the gay world, it will be like saying, seeing heterosexuals make out as our fantasy. but interestingly it's not. my fantasy would be more women doing it simultaneously. so yeah, gays are from venus and straights are from pluto. harhar. peace man! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Hot! and I'm not talking about the weather. kinda felt I fell in love you there. :) You should write and publish a book. I'd buy it.


firewomyn said...

@You-prolly-dont-know-me - that's sweet of you :) thank you! 'hope to know you more. i think having just one buyer isn't enough return of investment in publishing a book, but the personal gratification is.

Anonymous said...

hey i would buy one too. maybe a couple. hehe. hope you write more. looking forwars to the next.

firewomyn said...

@Anonymous - wow! now i have 3 buyers. hehe. many reaction for erotica huh :D so hot kasi these days. thanks for the compliment! 'appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i think i'll buy too!

ang galing mo talaga! kaasar! hahaha


Pepita Supladita said...

for two days staright now..i've been reading your blog, even ur entries way bck 2004..and i must say i just got hooked with it!maybe bcoz i can relate w/ ur experiences & frm ur writing i think our personalities r quite the same. m jst curious if ur feme,sb or butch?lol!not really important to know! anyway,i hope u continue writing and sharing pieces f ur life with others..it lightens up someone's day!like it did with mine!