to tutut or not to tutut

somebody suggested that i just discuss this tutut concern with gf. that's the most logical thing to do. i could actually, but i won't. i want her to want this also, not because i sort of hinted or want it but because she wants it as much or as bad. there is pride and greater joy in being wanted without even lifting a finger (pun not intended).

i'm trying to be zen about this hullabaloo. mediation and well, yeah, masturbation keeps me sane these days. i pray that this won't be a crusade (gawd! i don't want to be celibate that long), but a short campaign that will be won over very, very soon.

thanks for all your support guys! =)


Anonymous said...

i bet ya, she's waiting to be wanted din. gusto niya ikaw ang kumalabit :)
girl, pwedeng i-manipulate yan na siya ang nangalabit pero ikaw ang nag-make the moves.
good luck!
salamat sa post, hehehe!
- the anonymous :)

firewomyn said...

@the anonymous - you're becoming interesting. teacher, teacher,. teach me naman! ;-)