consummatum est

how long did it take?
4 blog posts,
12 tutut post comments
1 rain dance,
numerous dry days,
countless self-tutut.

consummatum est. naganap na! sa wakas! fuck! ang sawaaap! totoo! try nyo rin! wehehehe.

she said early this week that she wanted to go to the beach. i was instantly expectant of course! this may be it! my velvet folds down there just clapped with glee. haha! but to avoid great disappointments from my great expectations, i didn't really count on it that much yet. days later, she followed it up with me. i have been puyat the whole week and as tutut wanting as i am, i was hoping for some weekend rest. told her we'll just discuss it on tutut eve, err i mean beach eve.syempre, magpakipot naman kahit konti lang. pampa-excite ba. hehe.

late night, we were tap dancing if tuloy or not ang outing. she graciously said okay lang wag na matuloy if am not feeling well. in panic i assured her that i'm feeling better na. haha. bigla talagang gumaling e. hihi. however, as we were further talking about it (shucks! mukhang tuloy na!) she was all along thinking of a day tour only, while i was fantasizing an overnight stay with overnight tutut! no shit! parang biglang magkakasakit ako uli sa sama ng loob. sigh. just told her na lang to have provision for overnight in case we have any change in plans, in case matuloy pa (back to pakipot mode).

i slept my great disappointment away. 10pm and am already out. the next day, i woke up early morning and texted gf good morning. around 6am, she asked me if tuloy. sleep gave me the strength and clarity. this is not the time para maging ambivalent. in short, tigilan na ang walang epektong pagpapakipot! i replied yes to her and instructed her to pack for overnight.

i asked my sister for instructions because they've been to that beach already. at the bus stop, we waited for several minutes but our bus never came. impatience took over and i asked the bangketa girl where's the bus we need. matagal na daw lumipat ng terminal. pucha naman o! fine, we took the bus to reach the "correct" terminal. finally found our bus and yey! off we go. this is it!!! all smiles.

the ride was long. long enough to discreetly make out. haha! summer na summer sa sobrang init! whew! malapit na sanang marating ang unang langit, kaso we were already wearing our swimsuits, so syet! hindi mabuksan ang pinto ng langit! haaayyy!

after hours of knocking at heaven's first door, we finally reached the beach!!! yahoo! we had to take a PhP300 trike ride to the not soo popular beach (as I was told by my sister). we took many shots of the sights while in transit, full with excitement.

shades and surf shorts, carrying our bags and our wide smiles, we're ready to greet the beach and the possibilities that lie ahead. one, two, three, yep, the possibilities ended in 3 seconds. the not so popular beach as it turned out was brimming with people and masa scene. guys showering outside in their underwear, women, old and young in sando, shorts, t-shirts, loosely gartered bathing suits, coin-based videoke bar, yucky looking men drinking red horse, tanduay, ugh, i can't take this anymore. this is as public as it can get.

the information booth was manned by a child in her panties, eating ice candy. is this some sick joke? we looked for the caretaker, demanding for an overnight stay room. the guy said out of stock or something like that. no freakin room available. naknampucha talaga! tutut na naging bato pa! grrrrr!

we were devastated, we tried bribery, threat, pleading, even seduction! still nada. the caretaker turned out to be gay! how defeating can it get huh?

we temporarily rented a cottage to rest. we were sandwiched between guys doing lousy videoke and another set of drunk, smelly guys. there's trash everywhere. out of shock, gf and i were silent and don't know what to do. bad mood totally. pissed is an understatement.

after a few minutes of pag-aalburuto/moping, i decided to do the most obvious recourse. i called my sister and blamed her to eternity! for not warning us about the beach, for the wrong travel instructions, for the candy she snatched from me when we were kids, for everything! somebody has to be blamed just to diffuse the fume. hayy.

we called our trike driver to pick us up again. yes, another PhP300 down the drain, but out of hell. we asked him for other beach suggestions because the adjoining resorts were unreasonably costly. the dependable driver after another almost an hour of touring the countryside, took us to a decent place with decent rates. by the time we reached that level of decency it's 7pm already! whole day almost wasted. we're just tired.

whattaloongday. we took our shower to wash off the day's frustration, issues and deception. and 8pm began the loong night of making up and a new level of indecency. haha.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

hey! at last, naganap na. LOL! i think it's exciting. i can't wait for the next post... :D

_yle said...

I read that looong entry and all I got at the end was to be continued? This continuation better be a blow-by-blow account of the actual tutut. Foreplay and no follow through? That's just mean. Dali na, masakit sa puson. :((

firewomyn said...

@Dee - hehe. haggard pa kaya in a few days na ang part 2 ha.

@_yle - sowee po. super pagod na yesterday kaya hindi na natapos. try ko tom ha. ot ako today e. divert your mind muna on non-tutut stuff :D

Anonymous said...

nakakasakit din ng ulo, hehehe! may build up eh :) anyway, Congratz for both of you! :)
you don't need advice anymore :) patience is a virtue, talaga!
- the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@the anonymous - true! pcs of advice pa rin ha. we can always use some. :)

Kim said...

i'd be glad to do another rain dance for u fire... if ever u might need it again in the future :)

firewomyn said...

@Kim - i pray that i won't need your rain dance anymore except for an honest to goodness rain! because the global warming heat these days is a real killer! really, thanks ;)