Speaking of fuck you, I once got an SMS like that from a new friend (who reads this blog). I didn't know I can merit such intense reply from a new acquaintance. Hehe. Is my new friend playing jekyll and hyde on me? Really odd because I found her to be very nice. I decided to save the SMS in case she denies it and also to serve as reminder to myself not to trust easily no matter how nice the skin of that woman is. I next blocked her from my IM lest I get more 7-letter words. Days after, she SMSd again. I asked her what gives. And she said she didn't and would never say that to me. She suspected it must be her live-in ex-gf who did that for that woman is a jealous live-in ex-gf. Hay, too many hyphens mean trouble. So why didn’t I FY back to the live-in ex-gf? She doesn't deserve any of my intensity. Bleh!

Speaking of jealousy, a friend whom I enjoy hanging out with had to stop our gig because her gf's getting jealous of lil adorable me. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t do anything other than be my adorable self. Hehe. I never sought the person, she was the one who initiates the interaction. This got me upset a bit. I think in my post of January 2010, I highlighted my quest for new friends. But turned out to be really challenging. Sad. So I told this to my other friend (who has asked me several times in jest when will my gf and I break up. I just let those pass else I won't have a friend to talk to right?). And other friend was like, "is her gf nuts? You're like a celebrity! (exclamation from me only. Hehe). You don't get jealous to a celebrity." Oonganaman! Hahaha. Yep, that's why I keep this friend, she's such a sweetheart. :)

Anyhoo, smart as I am, I've often been clueless and na├»ve to hints as I don't want to thread the path of assumption grounds. Even though girls  there are so pretty. Ok, I digressed. I didn’t mean the exclusive school, but it's true about their girls. Soo when friend with jealous gf hinted in some form, I responded back (in some form) ignorantly, which can easily be misconstrued as the feeling is mutual.  I didn’t realize it's a hint until after she pointed it out to me. Tension's gone so is the fun. I steered clear as I don't want to cause any rift.

Speaking of rift, remember hot girl? Saw her in pride march. We sorta sms'd after that.

FW: saw pix of you in fb, with guys commenting you're hot

HG: I feel so uncomfortable being on fb. Maybe  a little covert like you.

FW: It can't be helped since you work for **** and a hot one at that. So get used to it :)

HG: Haha. Well thanks. But I think they said some mean things too, but the person am seeing asked the guy to take it down thankfully. How are things on your end?

FW: of course I can't let that one slip - soo you're seeing someone : ) nice. Care to tell a tiny bit more?

HG: Haha. I'm super private like you but it's been N months. We’re just having fun together. Way to try to slip by without giving any details yourself!

FW:  so where did you two meet? From here? Female or male? Those will be my last 3 questions about the person you are seeing (which am sure has a name). What do you want to know about myself? I dunno what to tell.

HG: Ok, I'll answer two of those. Our common friend introduced us. And yep, from here. Whatever you want to tell. Maybe one of the things  you want from life? Of your favorite book?

FW: Currently reading the 4 Hour Work Week. Wants to buy the book M Factor (about the millenials). Reading up online on how to do trading. Pondering about the meaning of friendship in the age of facebook. Fave books of all time - If you see Buddha on the road, kill him (Sheldon Kopp) and The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand). Also Love Doesn't Exist (can't remember the author, borrowed from my college teacher). Fave films - Memento and Inception. I love mindfuck films. So I love 3 things - women, books and films.

HG: Those  are my favorite films too. Christopher Nolan really knocked them out of the park. I want to be made to think as a viewer and be transported - viola! Add to those loves food and genuine connections with others, those connections that affirm you exist, and you have me.

FW: wow! A mouthful. If I have you, how come we never hang out? Ohyeah right, you're seeing a person. Hehe. Just teasing. So in case you missed the subtext, it's an invitation to hang out with you if it's ok with the person you are seeing.

HG: I'd have to check with her because I'm trying this whole honest and upfront thing.

FW: trying is the operative word. If it helps, it's a guaranteed "friendly" hang out invitation only. I have a gf. But I don't have a lot of friends whom I can discuss Nolan with and other non-existential stuff. Only if it's ok with your person. I don't want to cause a rift or something.

HG: Oh wow! That would be great! I really need more girl friends. I'm so excited to hang out. I've almost given up on having lesbian girl friends because no one's really wanted to be just friends. Plus it's nice to be around with similar interests. Catch you soon ;)

Speaking of catch, i badly need to catch up on sleep. work has been exhausting day in, day out and i even had to work weekend. 

Speaking of end, this is it. Will sleep now. Good night! =)


Anonymous said...

i'm sure when this sms exchange was takign place, you have a huge smile on your face :D hey, merry christmas.. it's been a long time....twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

Ang dami mo namang fans, i really wonder how u look like..and how you turnd on almost everybody...hahaha
naku baka kakilala pala kita... Lagot!

Anonymous said...

What do you think about WIKILEAKS?
Hope for answer

Anonymous said...

Punyemas ang swabe mo tehhhhhh.... :o) Take care of that kid when you see her.

Happy Holidays!

"The Common Acquaintance" who is never good at the "honest and up front" thing. :o)

Tinekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Hahaha!

rz fortajada said...

I only have one word to say to you: Nice!

Anonymous said...

who is this "common acquaintance" who is never good at the "honest and up front" thing?

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - yep yep! :)

@Anonymous1 - wag ka maniniwala sa sabi sabi. hehe.

@Anonymous2 - wikileaks? old news na e.

@Anonymous3 - hehe. sabi nya friend e, hind acquaintance :D

@RZ - thanks! and i have two words for you - you're kind!

@Anonymous4 - i think she is the common friend.