black is the new black

a quick post now that my hangover's lifted and before i rush to a bank errand.

i've seen a lot of lez-themed flicks, but haven't one that explicitly shows hungry oral action. in a mainstream film. with two mainstream actresses. make that two hot mainstream actresses. or did i just not watch enough lez flicks?

i have posted about Black Swan before, and just told you about the kiss. but i now realize that it lacked justice to the intensity that is Black Swan. this is a mind fuck (i love puns!) psychological thriller drama of a lez-themed film. actually they're not marketing it as lez. the girl to girl part is juxtaposed in the web of rivalry, deceit, powerplay, art, ambition, paranoia. will tell more after i've watched the full film soon. err, once K gives me a copy. hehe. for now, let us all de-stress from the holiday madness and watch snippets of a different kind of black madness ;)

who says you need big boobs to make a scene this wildly stimulating? now go find your women (as in now!) and make your own black intensity, snippets or otherwise. cheers! =)


scout said...

woooh! ang ineeet! *paypay* :D

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh that is sooo hot and legen... wait for it.... dary!

firewomyn said...

@Scout - i know! :D

@Anonymous - hahaha! one for the books indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

have you seen it? i have a copy but i still haven't found the time to watch...twistedhalo