More reason to go to Pride March

i am swelling (and at the same time bawling) with pride for this very young man (14 y/o), Graeme Taylor who drove an hour to the teachers' board to defend his teacher who got suspended for a day without pay because the teacher ejected from the room two students who gave anti-gay comments.

am amazed how freely he can express himself in such an eloquent manner, as if being gay is the most natural thing to be and defending gay rights is the second most natural thing to do. i mean, wow! i guess that's what happens if one is out - you are free.

gay or not, i think Graeme is really smart, but because he himself had his share of the struggles growing up gay, he developed this sensibility and sensitivity to separate right from wrong and take action based on that. cheers to you!!! :)

i will march on Saturday, as i did for the past 2 yrs. i will be out in public, under the scrutiny of the homophobics, the confused, the media, with the possible risk of getting caught in camera and being discovered by people i know (family, colleagues, unknowing friends). i am gay. and i am not out. but once a year, i commit to be one with the community and publicly show my pride with being gay. and then most probably, have the greatest time partying after, because gay parties are the fiercest! =)

Graeme's guesting at Ellen's show

his speech:

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