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For some technical reason, can't access my shoutbox from my phone. Wifi is fast and free now at Rcbc. Not working, but attending the phil blog awards. Nope, not nominated (I wish!), but a guest of a friend awardee and 2010 nominee. So far, only 2 lesbian sightings (excluding me). There should be a category on lgbt. Just saying.

A comics blogger who's a college-mate asked my friend awardee what his blog is. I asked him about his blog to dodge the question to me. But afterwards, he remembered. Dang! Told him my URL. You'd think he'd stop there. "does your blog has a niche?" err, yes. "what's your niche?" it's a lesbian blog. "Oh.*pause* I think I've seen your blog before." Yeah, right.

Program starting. Later friends! :)

Just in - my super famous good friend professional heckler won under the humor category! Yahoo! :)

professional heckler won 2 awards! woot! woot! best humor blog and one of the top 3 posts of 2010. he's won 3 years in a row - three peat! :) he writes political (sometimes entertainment-related) satire that's ALWAYS funny and meaty. heck, even his acceptance speech was funny!

a blogger i know, fickle cattle also won! one of the top 3 posts of 2010. neat! i shrieked to my friend that i know that guy! i later went over his side and introduced myself. good thing he remembers my blog. hehe. he writes about his experiences on being gay, family, relationships, etc. he writes very well and for a law student, amazingly often. hehe.

a blogger i really respect is sidney who i have finally met in person thru the event. yey! i've known of his blog from way back and i like his black and white photos. he's a foreigner taking pics of the local scene. you'd think of tour spots. but no, he takes pics of the usual spots in the metro like kids in squatters' area. kids who surprisingly look happy albeit the misery in their environment. so do check out his site.   

i also saw karla, one of the organizers there and the one in the two lesbian sightings (the other her gf. hehe). her blog is very popular in the music scene. so visit hers too for gig updates and freebies! :)


Fickle Cattle said...

Hey! It was nice meeting you in person earlier. :-)


firewomyn said...

@FC - hey pretty boy you! :) twas indeed nice :) and congratulations!