Want a taste of LABIA?

Still fresh from the blog awards fever, I've been thinking about a lez blog making it there. But since it can easily be diluted under the personal blog category, I can imagine the challenges already. With that, i've decided that I'll launch my own blog awards - Lesbian And a Blogger Intl Awards - LABIA. Haha. This will be for all lesbians/G2G/women loving women Filipino bloggers (for now) all over the universe!  woohoo! Maybe I'll have one finalist per month and feature it. Then decide who gets the LABIA trophy at the end of the year. Don't worry, won't be literal on the labia of a trophy, unless there's clamor for it. Haha. Will start on January. I dunno a lot of lez blogs, so please help me out and send recommendations while I polish the LABIA project. Maybe I'll ask you beautiful ladies for votes or have judges. Let's see. Do send in suggestions, ideas, help (cash or otherwise. Lol!). I also must check if a labia award giving body already exists (which i doubt). So please help me out on that too. Oops! My train stop's next. Gtg! Later.

This is what happens to me when am sleep deprived, I get crazy! =)


G said...

this I will support. :)
labia it is!

Anonymous said...

pano ko ibibigay copy?

- k

firewomyn said...

@G - thank you :)

@K - meet tayo? my email address is in my blog profile so we can agree on the details :)wait, do we know each other na ba? :)