crime of passion

the first thing i did on my holiday vacay was unintentionally do something illegal.

as i was waiting in the mall for gf, to do (if i may borrow a friend's term) my spousal duty of accompanying her for her haircut, i roamed aimlessly (i think it's called malling) and landed in one of the galleries. at the far end corner of the gallery is where the crime happened. i stood no chance with these three. not only was i outnumbered, it was temptation of eden times three.

if i had the buck i would have bought all these three and mounted them in my own house, assuming i had the money also to have bought my own place by then. the paintings blew me away. i mean, wow! reflex was to take shots. i wanted to capture good shots and even shifted from one position to another, unmindful that am already committing an illegal act, until the old ladies reprimanded me. yikes! the painter strictly forbids photos taken of his work. sigh. but i had enough in my iphone to share (enjoy!) and stare at in my cell (in case i get to prison).

am sure you understand that any gay woman in my position would do the same illegal act. for there's always a right reason/provocation behind every wrongdoing. in my case, make that three right reasons. ;)

**apologies to the painter**
Gossip Girl - Blair: "I'm innocent. Well, except for a crime of passion."

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