Train Crush 19

Do I love you because you're beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?

~Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

the truth is, you are beautiful regardless. yours is the kind that doesn't need affirmation and is not for pretense. you don't have to smile or appear  interested. you can be anywhere you want to be because it won't stop me from following you. not to stalk, but to just sigh as my eyes drink the loveliness embodied in your presence.

you are the calm in this maddening rush hour. the right timing in all the missed opportunities. the lasting memory in an ephemeral moment. 

you can frown all you want and dismiss me as non-existent, but you will remain to be my Train Crush 19. =)

 she kinda looks like a more astig version of kristine hermosa right?


kitkat said...

shit! fire she's pretty!! good taste fire... pls update your blogs I know you're busy..plzz..plzz..keep your blog busy! thanks muaahh

SPLICE said...

She's beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

this is my favorite train crush so far

- tcf

kitkat said...

she's pretty.. saka si fire din eh :)

summerstar said...

-i heart your train crush series.

purple said...

the bangs! =)

firewomyn said...

@kitkat - good taste ba kamo? i sure think she tastes better. hehe. yeah, am tryin to sustain the momentum. :) me pretty? crush mo ko no! hehe. ingat on your flight home.

@splice - i know. hehe.

@tcf - dibs? hehe. my fave is train crush 14 :)

@summerstar - thank you! i didn't know many people like them until i heard from some readers. hopefully i can upgrade and really own my digicam for more pix :)

@purple - yeah, bangs pa lang panalo na! haha.

kitkat said...

Fire talagang maganda sya hehehe
I have to admit- you're pretty- cute in a way -pati pananamit- nung last natin nag meet? with your suspenders- you made me melt hahaha -crush? hhmm slight yes.. hahaha -there..inamin ko ha..to be fair,,pero sana wala magagalit ha.. I MISS U GURL!!

firewomyn said...

@kitkat - aww. thanks for appreciating me :)

kitkat said...

hahaha fire!! bukong-buko me..wawa meehhh hahaha whaz up gurl? san ka galing kanina hang-out ka saan ?