Aiza Seguerra, bow!

I am an all out fan of Aiza Seguerra. Foremost because of her talent as a singer and also because she's openly gay and still loved by people mainstream. For the first time, she joined a reality show in GMA7, "Protege" as a mentor of non-pro singer. Each mentors were made to search and choose their protege. She found hers in Cagayan de Oro by the name of Krizza Neri, 16 yrs old. For someone who's not into religion, I watched the show religiously. I may miss watching an episode of Amaya, Budoy or Survivor, but not this. And I am so proud to share that Aiza has been proven to be the BEST mentor in the show with how super good Krizza became as a singer. So at the first few elimination nights, i was baffled to my seat why Krizza got into the bottom 2, twice! seeing the unfairness in this and for fear that the text voters must be voice-blind/deaf, Eula Valdez, Bert de Leon (two of the judges) campagined for her because to eliminate her is just not right. they also chastised the people to vote based on talent. 70% of the score comes from the judges and 30% from test votes. I like it that the big chunk of the scoring is from the judge to not sway the scores based on popularity. after that outburst from the judges, Krizza started topping the ranks. whoopee! :) i couldnt be any happier. my world is round again and everything in its right place. Krizza and Aiza are now in the top 3 and finals will be this Sunday at Mall of Asia. Am still begging media friends from GMA7 to score some tickets to watch the finals show. hehe. Exceptionally proud ako at mayabang na the best sila Aiza and Krizza sa contest na to. Biased ba ko, pero feeling ko pag ang work ay from LGBT, ibang level ang honesty and quality ng work. hindi ko na pahahabain to at kanina pa naghahang ang laptop na to, walang pakisama tapos 1hr lang ang lunch break ko.  hay.

Sharing to you the wonderful creation of mentor Aiza Seguerra in the person of Krizza Neri.  =)


Mash up of If I Cound and Wind Beneath my Wings

Iduyan Mo


Anonymous said...

That Narda version completely wow me.. simply genius.

- peterparker

Anonymous said...

Went home to my parents' house and I found out they were also making subaybay of the show so I hang around watching the finals with them. And guess what?! Krizza won. :)) I was barely able to contain my whoop of pride. Aiza seemed to get lotsa great reviews for being a mentor. T'was pretty awesome. -gangrenes

firewomyn said...

@peterparker - yey! my favorite also :)

@gangrenes - yes, makes me uber proud of her that she is one of us.:)