A moment with someone

Been bombarded with Adele songs from everywhere i go. Not that i hate her, it's just too much. Then after unknowingly learning the lyrics, I realised that this song, Someone Like You actually reminds me of someone.

It's been a while. Do you really forget someone? Parang I can't. I still remember them but the effect lessens as time passes. The true and tried healing power of time. thank God for that.

I used to think we're perfect for each other. Now it's all different or gone to be more apt. Maybe it's not the perfection or the compatibility that will sustain a relationship or a feeling. Maybe it's the willingness/patience to understand each other once the differences surface.

For me, the litmus test of love is time. It is so easy to get attracted, like, give in to temptation, get confused, think it's love or something serious. But they could just be moments. So I always give it the test of time. If it endures, then it's worth seriously considering. Film Blue Valentine said it best, "How do you trust your feelings when they just disappear like that?"

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