happy moment 1

i know i had a depressing post yesterday. so to make up for it, i decided to make happy moments count by sharing them here.

today, two friends from this blog visited me at work and gave me  stuff. the funny thing is they sort of texted the same way.

Kim: Got time to go down from your olympus?
TwistedHalo: Maybe you could go down your tower and get Murakami?

Kim gave me the yummiest sandwich i ever tasted - pastrami with wasabi from Earle's. the wasabi and ripe tomatoes made all the difference. i think it's a trade-off because i had her taste the yummiest cheesecake ever. hehe.

TwistedHalo handed me a Haruki Murakami book of 24 short stories. :) This is my first Murakami book. I thought she's just going to lend it to me, but said i can have it. yey! :) let's see if murakami can beat jeffrey archer in short storytelling. =)

to you super sweet ladies, THANK YOU! =)

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