the break that connects

studying in front of a computer is really proven to be wrong. well, unless you're studying computer-related stuff of course!

with people dying and getting cancer left and right, i have deemed it necessary to finalize my stand on life and death and faith (let's call it ladaf). so that in case it's my turn, i'd know whether to ask people to pray for me or just continue drinking my whatever organic concoction until i cease to exist. to do that, i need to understand first the many thoughts on ladaf. many times, things happen to me by chance. in the office, i chanced upon this Time magazine cover story, Rethinking Heaven.

it provided interesting and contemporary ideas of heaven to the shock and disapproval of the dogmatics am sure. then one fine National Bookstore Day, saw this book.

twas hardbound, therefore pricey. i was torn whether to buy it or just look for a paperback version. i went to the customer service lady and she said it's the LAST copy. mygawd! talk about pressure! so i admit, i am weak, most specially with books (as to some women are into shoes/bags). so with closed eyes and a gulp, i bought it at P595. ouch. ilang meryenda na naman ang iiskip ko. ohwell.

i am now on page 57/192. it is something you don't read in haste. it is something i read carefully and mark specific passages. it has been my recent commute and bedtime pleasurable companion.

okay, at this point you may wonder where my interview preparation/studying comes in. after all, andito ang katuparan ng mga pangarap ko so to speak.  i have the perfect explanation don't worry. hehe. i have inserted in the book my review notes. haha. that's why i have this philo book in front of me while studying for the interview and everywhere i go for that matter. hehe. i don't know with others, but i simply cannot do away not doing the things that give me joy. as they say, love finds a way. hehe. it's involuntary.

i took a break from reading, went online.


clicked then saw this on the sidebar:


another click and whoa! breathtaking. :)

excited, it led me to this:

which is just a treasure chest of love that will leave you  bursting and hoping. :)

this is the first post of the blog http://twobirdsnest.com/

My smoking hot wife Tan and I got hitched on Friday 9th March 2012! Some people questioning why we wanted to do this? Mostly because it’s not legal in Australia!… But to us, it not being legally recognised didn’t mean it wasn’t REAL! Falling in love and wanting to grow old with someone is the same in any relationship – gay, straight, whatever… we all want the same thing, LOVE and COMMITMENT.

what a great coincidence that their wedding day is the same as my birthday.  and that my blah post's last  part was about their first blog post, commitment.

how things unknowingly tie up together. and how connected we all truly are. =)

"Life is not about making others happy.  
Life is about sharing your happiness with others." 

happy sunday! =) now back to studying. hehehe. 


Anonymous said...


I am happy for the women that got married but at the same time saddened because they are all HOT, hehe as if I have a chance to meet them at least. =)

- juanita banana

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Anonymous said...

I can't seem to see the point of this entry, I can't find a general uniting theme among the references. is it really random? or is the "erratic-ness" part of the message?