break from the break.

i wasn't planning to blog until my job application wrapped up.

remember my final interview 5/15, two weeks ago? well it went swell. i was over prepared and our conversation was so nice we went overtime. here's a british guy, who had himself naturalized filipino, married a filipina, has a kid now and loves the philippines. he can also speak some tagalog words. he wonders why filipinos leave the philippines when it's so nice here. he furthered, all countries have problems, traffic, corruption, poverty. it's a matter of creating your own opportunity wherever you are. i couldn't agree more. obviously, we discussed stuff outside the interview questions already. i fell inlove with this guy. he's so amazing  bisexual thoughts entered my mind. hehehe. 

our extended interview got cut because his next appointment arrived. he accompanied me to hr and asked the hr for the next steps for me. hr reluctantly replied, "uhm, did she pass?" i tried to appear deaf that moment and just looked elsewhere as if i couldn't hear they were talking about my future. "yes." hr said again in a low voice, "what about the other applicant?" brit guy: "let's talk about it later". hr, left with no choice, but to face me and advise me to send my recent payslips to her.

i shook brit guy's hand and he noticed my hands were cold. he said, "people with cold hands usually have warm hearts." i could swear he winked after he said that. haha. another guy butt in, "what's this fuss about warm hearts?" then he looked at me and said, "oh, i see..." with a knowing nod. ok, you're kinda cute, but my heart's with brit guy already. sorry. hahaha.

i had to go to work after as i only filed for half day vl. i sent the payslips, clarifications here and there. days after, i was told that the CIO wants a special meeting with me. he's another english guy. i clarified if special meeting means interview. hr said meeting only as the CIO wants to meet me. fine.

a week after, i got a tentative offer and special meeting turned out to be a final, final interview. fiiiine. my excitement was lessened. and i hate it, but i doubted my chances, even though i was given a tentative offer already. told hr that i won't analyze the offer yet as it's tentative. kinda useless to do so. but at home, curiosity got the better of me and i shredded the offer details as if i need to separate the threads from a rope. finance truly excites me. midnight, sent my questions and clarifications about the offer.

it's almost end of the week and the coveted CIO meeting/interview hasn't been scheduled yet. my lessened excitement replaced with sadness already. sigh. then may 24 afternoon, the sms i thought would never come, final, final interview was sealed may 30 after work. yey! finaaaaally!

my initial cockiness from the two other interviews cowered for this one. the CIO has mygawd, a phD in math. why would anyone want to submit oneself to such challenge, must really be ultra analytical. to match this intimidation, my first plan of preparation was, what else, buy new set of interview outfits! hehehe. bought new shoes, top and skirt. yes, am bringing in the big guns and will wear mini skirt and stilletto. they say dress the way you want to be perceived. i want to show that i don't crack under pressure. instead, i turn fashionable under pressure. hehehe. i can bring fresh, colorful yet functional sense to IT infrastructure.

this is super serious business that i decided to do it via single-minded approach, tunnel vision and not blog until after my final, final interview is over. BUT! hr texted me earlier rescheduling the interview to may 31, thu. the almost month-long suspension is not enough to kill me, so they thought tightening my already wrung gut one more day. and that gave me the perfect excuse to blog about my recent job hunting travail.

wish me luck! =)


Stilettista said...

"I turn fashionable under pressure." Haha. Love it.

Keep calm and wear stilettos, I always say. :)

Leah said...

Good luck! :)

"Fashionable under pressure" reminds me of "if you can't perform, japorm" or "if you can't play, display." Totally unrelated though. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, Fire! Good luck on your final interview! Hope you get the job. Pa-inom ka naman kung matanggap ka lols

Love your blogs! Keep up the great work!