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i had my exam this lunch time. hr said it's about behavior and personality, but *as side note* do review on math, percentage, fraction, decimal and english.

it's been two years since i last took a work-related exam. and i've been so used with tools that manual calculation is unheard of already. but, review i did. breezed through some math stuff on my way to work this morning while in the train. then before lunch, freshened up on grammar basics. i never got to really understand the progressive/perfect tenses. i just know the basics, but reviewing, it suddenly made sense. as always, part of the preparation is to look good. hehehe. which i had nicely covered. yey! my thin red belt added to my confidence.

as i was taking the test, the behavioral stuff worn me out. it's like forcing you be either black or white. like you trust people or you don't. outgoing or solitary. which is not really the way life is colored or partitioned. there are similar questions whose intent is to derive consistency and eventually unmask your true nature. it's 182 questions of that. so yeah. i was bordering exhausted and bored and that's just the first part. then the math stuff gave back my excitement, until i can't answer some of the problems already. i am sure of the formula, but after repeated calculation, my answer doesn't match the choices. kakagigil. more math, then series pattern stuff (given this series, what's next kind of stuff) which i got to enjoy. finding patterns and stuff. then more math problems. then english vocabulary. the first few pages were no-brainer, the next ones got harder that am seeing some words for the first time ever. working, your vocabulary kinda gets limited around the area/industry you work for. office-speak. and at work, to be understood rather than be eloquent is the key. so the simpler the words the better. unless maybe you work for a magazine, newsies or those kind of creative stuff.

after 1.5hrs, my brain drained to the size and look of a raisin. i was hungry, my confidence level sub zero, and i was late for a meeting! the whole afternoon, tension and the remote possibility of failure was ravaging me whole. i can't focus at work that i decided to write some stuff to myself to sort of boost my just deflated ego. i told myself, that whatever the result is, i'll be okay, because i gave it my best. no bitterness. *chos! haha*

and then i remembered this. i just watched The Hunger Games this Sunday (i know, i seem to be always late in these stuff, still).

after a few agonizing hours, i got the SMS message. i quietly screamed YES! in my seat. i passed! small victory with an imaginary golden crown! yey! =)

and i can only thank the girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen, for channeling her fierceness and her burning hope to me. :)

next is interview with the Director. if i pass, then the CIO. and if i again passed that, offer.

i am ready! ;)

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