working girl 3

i planned my interview to perfection. i filed a vacation leave so that it's fair to my current employer (instead of filing for sick leave), consulted a fashionista gay friend for the clothes, bought my power outfits and they look great :), googled the interviewer for his background, googled about the company, washed my new clothes yesterday, earlier, the day before the interview, planned on buying the matching comfy stilletos at aerosole then iron my clothes when i get home. everything was going swell, i feel tickled pink with delight. :)

then the hr lady called before lunch. asking to move the interview from friday 10am  to 3pm instead. alright. i can do that, told hr. i filed whole day leave anyway. another text message from hr. can you make it to today instead by 5pm? there's a meeting blah blah blah that conflicts blah blah blah and the available day is today at 5 or monday. wait-ah-minute. did i read it right, TO-fucking-DAY?! i can't file for another vl on monday since it's short notice and i already filed for a leave tomorrow. and ohmygawd! *suddenly in panic because my world is falling apart* whatabt my power outfits?! they're still hanging wrinkled in the clothesline. so, again, you're telling me TO-fucking-DAY?! *thunderclaps* my bright pink nail polish started cracking. as the Rent song goes, no day but to-fucking-day. groans.

this is not the time for makeup meltdown or fashion crisis. it's either i want this or am willing to let it go. i bolted to action. i begged for 6pm else i'd be soaking sweating wet going to the interview place if it's earlier than that because my out time is that, 5pm. called my mom to take my new outfits and asked nicely to have them ironed. texted my sister and listed the items they need to prepare, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, light blue perfume, etc. sister to bring it to makati then i change costume in a nearby resto/cafe *change costume ala super hero lang ang drama. hehe*.

5pm sister not yet in makati. 5:15 i left, whistled a cab and checked out the venue. as plan b, i brought my black winter jacket in the ofc to cover my shabby appearance. hey, it's thu and i was supposed to be out the next day. as i was crossing the street at 5:30pm  near the venue, boom! ran into sister! i was in such rush, i did not have time to be mad for her being late. changed clothes, shoes, applied makeup and scent, did speed reading on the hardware stuff, and then strutted my way to the interview building. i must have looked really nice because people were looking at me. i mean you wouldn't miss me with my royal blue blazer. haha. i sort of realized late that my dress is kinda shorter than it should, and my high heeled low-cut booties making my legs longer. this bothered me a bit as i may be dressed for a fashion event than a job interview (that's not remotely related to fashion). i checked the time on my watch. and it says no turning back time. so hesitation back in the bag.

interviewer was this charming european guy with an equally charming and audible accent, who's certified with various titles that i could remember. for all the last-minute-almost-didn't-make-it-cramming i did, charming guy said he enjoyed our conversation and he hopes i don't lose my enthusiasm in project management.  it did feel like a conversation than an interview. at one point he asked my thoughts on some running debate on project management (certification vs experience). he also asked me the leader i admire. of course it has to be related to lgbt and i quipped tim cook! he had gigantic shoes to fill, the size of steve jobs' ego *don't worry am a fan of steve. see, we're in first name basis. hehe*, everybody doubted him, that apple will fizzle out post-jobs, yet they posted the biggest revenue to date in the fruit company that gives birth to the coolest stuff. he is the pragmatic side of apple, that i think saved the company from the frivolities that is steve. so i think, that is great leadership and i love it that he's gay and a silent influential guy.

i haven't felt this excited in a long while. uhm, ohhkaay, in between jessica sanchez' performances in AI of course. which is the very reason why am still up is because i just finished watching a rerun of her soo beautiful performance of you're soo beautiful. it's that great that it's okay being redundant about it. haha.

what a day! so much for aiming for perfection. i realized, you don't really get a perfect day plan as you try it. but that doesn't mean i can't have an amazing day which is how TO-fucking-DAY turned out. good night soo beautiful people! i love you all! =)


Stilettista said...

what a refreshing read. we women, we get the job done come hell or high water, and we look damn good doing it, too. goojab! :)

Anonymous said...

galeng galeng!!!-g

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I ususally take it as a sign that the company is not organized when they reschedule interviews specially if they ask you to come on a very short notice. I feel they do not have respect for my time...twistedhalo

OutandaboutMLA said...

Tim Cook is gay???? Nice work!! Hope u get the job

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the stress u've been through preparing for the re-scheduled interview!ang importante,nd nmn halata n stressed ka!good job indeed!- pepita

firewomyn said...

@Stilletista - tenchu! ang lalim mo magsulat sa blog mo. ang intense. galeng! :) i forgot to mention in the blog that i had to buy acetone and cotton from watson to remove my bright pink nail polish. so clean nails for now till this deal isn't set yet.

@G - hindi naman masyadow! :D salamat! :)

@TwistedHalo - well, nasabi ko na sa yo ang bigshot company na to. kaya tiis tiss muna ang bakla. haha. Ampayat mo na! astig! :)

@OutAndAboutMLA - yes, he is! read this: http://www.out.com/out-exclusives/power-50/2012/04/26/power-list

@pepita - yes, i managed to focus razor sharp and just deliver. god am awesome! wahahaha :D

Stilettista said...

Haha! Salamat. Puro nga kasawian eh, pinapaganda ko lang kasi nahahalata na yata niya na siya ang mukha sa likod ng pangalan. She blogged about me, too, pero walang pag-uusap. Cryptic ang drama. Tsaka, in the absence of alcohol, the pen will do. Bwahahaha! (at nag-share na ko!)

Sa enterprise ka ba ng bihis? Just a mad guess. :-)