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blind item courtesy of fashion pulis. :)

Beautiful Actress (B) was seen touchy feely with a woman in one of the Technohubs. Sometime ago, B was in a long-term relationship with a former male host of a defunct morning program. However, even prior to entering showbiz, B was already rumored to be involved with a lesbian, while residing up north. B was even rumored to be extra close with a young singer who is now happily married. Incidentally, B was also spotted with a lesbian while doing her groceries at an exclusive supermarket recently.

clues from the comments in the site:
B = AA
ex of B = BA


Anonymous said...

wow! pati dito may BI na ah. hehe! di ko mahulaan. sino ba yan? sikat na talaga ang fashionpulis laging una sa intriga.


Anonymous said...

Yap Angel Aquino and Barbie.

firewomyn said...

@Clyte - nasagap ko lang sa fb to e. hehe. check mo sagot ni Anonymous at gets na nya. :)

@Anonymous - husay! ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm just wondering, where do we draw the line when it comes to outing people?

I mean, is it okay to say that your friend is gay just because you saw him with his bf in the supermarket? or in exclusive parties perhaps? What if he denies it in front of his straight friends, isn't he considered as still in the closet and would therefore require understanding and respect specially from PLUs?

- juanita

Leah said...

I've heard of this a long time ago. I remember AA was interviewed before and she said something like she wasn't closed to the idea and if she falls for someone (guy or gal) it's okay. Something like that. :) Bigla kong naalala crush ko yan si AA nung college ako haha.