Love in the time of election

Choosing a candidate is like choosing somebody to love. You read it right, it’s a "choice". I personally believe that love is a conscious effort. There must be something in that person that you like in the first place before you fell in love to him/her. That "like" has its standards, personal guidelines. Not random. Even if your standard is based on the desires of the society, adherence to it is still personal.

My love won't be specific about the party a person keeps. But if she doesn’t stand out from her party or if she and her party contradicts my standards/beliefs, then the love or like I have for her would not grow roots.

It's not really a big deal to me what she's accomplished in the past, but it would be an interesting conversation piece. I would want to know though her current thoughts, concerns, her plans and dreams. "Do you like me?" That kind of current thought. "Do you see a future with me?" That kind of plan/dream. =)

I won't need a survey to know if she's the one. I just need to count the beats per second of my heart at every sight or thought of her to confirm the clamor within me.

I'm an independent womyn and no amount of campaigning by whoever, not even by my closest friends or family would make me like/love her more than what I already do.

In the end, I don’t need a servant, either for a government post or for somebody to love. I need someone who will lead me to an honest, inspiring, fair, passionate and progressive relationship where I'll have an active participation in it.

I already made my choice. Have you? :)

= = = = = = =
I will vote for Ang Ladlad Partylist on May 10.

We've been rejected twice in Comelec and discriminated for the most part of our lives. May 10 is an opportunity for LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals/transgenders) to finally have legal representation in the government. Let's go OUT and VOTE for OUR partylist, "ANG LADLAD".

Today, columnist Manuel L. Quezon III featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer that "Ang Ladlad" Party-list is one of his choices in the coming election. Read it here: The daring dozen

Vote Ang Ladlad Party-List


Check the Ang Ladlad website for widgets/videos/jingles to share.



_yle said...

Who is your president?

Anonymous said...

korek sa ang ladlad..used to vote for akbayan but risa is now running for senator so vote ko na lang si risa..maganda na me utak pa.. turned off naman kina satur ocampo for joining villar and marcos..twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@_yle - i tried to be subtle, thus the yellow image ;)

@TwistedHalo - pls promote Ang Ladlad ha. #89. I agree with you about the leftists.