Gay marriage, finally legal! - in FrontierVille

this may be five months late, but still happy to discover that an online game - FrontierVille allows same-sex marriage! Woot! Woot! =)

how radical is that huh? =) games are virtual fantasies anyway, where imagination is the limit. so why it happened just recently, escapes me. but being happy that i am now, am still all smiles at the thought that wow! we can get married, have kids (yep, they allow same sex partners to have kids there) and be in equal game with the rest. dandy! Zynga --- you're the coolest game developer ever! the lgbt world loves you back! =)

the only "bug" reported is that the labels remain to be the default "bride and groom". well, maybe in the next version/release.

to date, users of Zynga’s FrontierVille game have created 650,000 same-sex marriages. grand!

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