"It Gets Better" — Love, Pixar

i was feeling terrible the past days because of a series of work overtime and most awful last night because of domestic violence at home. i don't have the energy yet to write about it. but tonight, am hanging on to these three words, "it gets better".

to the love of my life: i hope to see the day, when after a hard day's work, i get to go home to the love and calm that is you. and all will be right. i'm grouchy today for a reason, but i love you in countless ways.


Anonymous said...

nice, i liked the video... and yeah, everything will get better... :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah. It does get better. But I am unnerved by the passivity of the message the video brings.

Before it gets better, one must survive the taunting and the bullying and the familial rejection and the attendant depression and the violence that sometimes one begets because of one's gender.

And before it gets better, gay people and their supporters must do something first, now, to make space, to make aware, to make noise, to make right.

firewomyn said...

@pola - good that you liked it :) everything must get better :)

@borderlineunfriendly - i think twas mentioned in the video on some suggestions to cope, like seek friends who understand, something to that effect. and i also admire then for putting up this video, because to me, it is taking action, making noise, putting awareness in their own way. so showing affinity is one step/form of action :)