on fire

the fantasy of all lesbians, including straights.

first saw her in tv from the film Foxfire. i actually can't remember the title, i just googled it now. she was a wanderer in the name of Legs Sadovsky who plotted a coup to oust their teacher and tattooed her girl pals with the fire symbol as their bond.  i was very young then, have no concept of gays and yet she got me watching her.

i mean, look at her and who wouldn't right? i wasn't able to start the film and just saw portions of it. only now was i able to understand the full story from wikipedia. and even then as a teen she's already hot, brave, intense. so before gia, there was foxfire first.

and before shane, there was jolie as "Legs".

the one with fire is always hotter. hehe. seriously, teen, rebel, tattoo artist jolie vs skateboarding haircutter shane? no contest.


Karen said...

And of course I love her breasts, among other things.

Anonymous said...

i forgot where i read it, some men's magazine, where billy bob was interviewed and he likened having sex with jolie as like humping a sofa..whoa!! is that even possible? maybe it's just him...hey, making up with lost posts i see! keep going, you were missed! ---twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@Karen - ditto!

@TwistedHalo - awww! thanks for making me feel missed :)