shiloh, let me start by saying i love shiloh for doing what she wants. sense of style is personal. and i think she's hot this early. :D

justin, i've always thought of her/him as dyke looking. one of the reasons why i like him/her. admit it, you've mistook him as a tomboy when he wasn't that popular yet or even now. i know my mom did. hehe.

ellen, i must say looks ageless. and looks cooler each year.

i dunno, they all look related here, like one person in 3 stages/phases of life. go figure! :)   


rz fortajada said...

The resemblance is striking. :))

BTW, regarding my latest post--you guessed right. I didn't want to answer in case some really zealous members who know me get offended. :P

Purple said...

Oo nga no? Cute nilang tatlo! :)

firewomyn said...

@RZ - i understand :)

@Purple - yes! cuteness abound! ;)