Plane and simple

Being usually not alert of my surroundings, of potential danger and first time to travel overseas, gf warned me not to talk to strangers, don't trust them even if they appear friendly. Since I don't have an effin clue of what to do inside the immigration side of the 'port, I just followed the signs plastered sporadically on the walls. While filling up this departure shit (which I missed, so I was asked to fill up first & then go back in line, fuck!) a pretty pinay approached me. As if on cue, gf's warning flashed like a conscience in a Safeguard tv ad. Creamy, fair skin, very long brown hair, innocent smile, dewy eyes, omg, she's very pretty! The Safeguard conscience ad got instantly replaced by a Dove commercial. I decided that pretty is an exception to gf's warning. She asked me if North Carolina is a country or a state. Omg! She's pretty & dumb! Wait, I take that back, all the pretties deserve a second chance. Maybe geography isn't her fave subject in high school, so she's pretty. Period. 

Anyhoo, I happily assisted, from one lost, first timer to another. She then explained her situation - she's on a fiance visa, she'll meet her (old) American bf in US, then get married there. She can't contact her fiancĂ©e of her whereabouts bec, dang, she left her celphone in her checked-in luggage. Plus, she hasn't set it to roaming yet. Ohkaay, maybe she's really dumb, but only a tiny bit am sure. :) 

I left miss pretty (who's soon to be wasted to an old American fart, sigh)  after completing my form. Gliding thru the immigration officers, the pinoy guard at the other end offered in hush hush tone - "smart roaming sim ma'am." pinoys really are resourceful and business people by necessity. Luveet! :) so told him about miss pretty who might be a potential customer.

Series of undressing, unpacking, dressing up, packing up (read: security checks), I finally am able to settle to the waiting area, to yes, wait for my plane goin to Japan first, then US.

While scouting the area, I was surprised by miss pretty who was sitting at my back! Who, omg again, is in the same flight as mine! Am i not the luckiest or what? :) Could she have followed me? The thought made me smile from ear to ear.

She was looking worried still, I tried to be cool. I know it's darn cold, but the moment calls for it, I took off my thick jacket to show off some skin and my black sleeveless top. If she didn't like the skin (which I doubt), she might go for my top. Hehe. 

Since I have a soft spot for this particular pretty, and she's appearing distressed, I did something stupid, i offered to email her lucky bastard of a bf via my phone. 

Fw: yahoo or gmail?
Pg: yahoo
Fw: what's your email?
Pg: jejebugz
Fw: *ohmyfreakingawd! Pretty, tiny bit dumb & a jejemon! Now that explains where she got that tiny bit of dumbness. I quickly put my jacket on,  lest I get infected by the jeje bugz. Hahaha!*

I was saved by a guy who sat beside me, who turned out to be my ex-web developer (I was his lead then) from my ex-company. He too is goin to North Carolina to work. what's all these buzz on NC. *Mental note to google it*. 

There's a sense of balance still - pretty tiny bit dumb jejemon & a smart hardworking techie guy off to NC - evens out. =) 


Anonymous said...

hahaahah pretty wid a sense of humor huh... jejebugz made my day. welcome back fw! :) u've been missed :) -w1cked

scout said...

LOL @ jejebugz. :D

tsk. ang elitista natin. >_<

Anonymous said...

welcome back..i hope you had fun! ---twistedhalo

Purple said...

Welcome back! I don't know how many times I visited your blog just to find no update. Haha, miss you girl!

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - thanks for missing me :)

@scout - not elitista i think, different preference lang. hehe

@twistedhalo - twas exhausting more than anything else. hay.

@purple - thank you sa pagpapataas ng blog hits ko. haha! lunch tayo ha :)