Train Crush 15

two things. i like your playboy-louis vuitton inspired jacket. double branding means you're also a show-off like me. hehe. i think we can get along. i worry though that you're high maintenance and i'd end up poorer than i already am. tsk.

second, you're cleaved 2 ways - chin and chest. you hold the distinction (i think) of being my first cleft-chinned train crush. so please stop appearing pissed or bored, and for the love of god smile? :)

you are special and unique as the zebra print in your blouse. just look at the women sitting beside you and you'll agree with me. ok, so maybe that's the reason why you're pissed. gotcha.

your double animal print (zebra and a playboy rabbit) i hope means you have the animal instinct to  prey (for me!) and more importantly, the appetite of the wabbit. is it mating season yet? :D

side story: we both were waiting at the platform and when we went inside the train, i let her sit first. i was for about 5sec torn on where to sit -

a. beside her - it would really be great to feel her skin, err jacket lang pala, and smell her hair. but then i wouldn't be able to take her pic.sigh.

b. front of her - sure i can take her pic, but then only half of my butt will be able to sit. darnit.

so i initially sat at the seats next to the one across her. but then i got REALLY lucky as the one front of her stood up and decided to sit my side. i was prettily sitting at the vacant seat in 2 giant steps. hehe. carpe diem! i know i looked weird in her eyes, but that doesn't matter then. i can always impress her later on. haha.


_yle said...

She looks like Mariana from Las Aparicio. Win! :)

scout said...

mukha syang anime character. :)

firewomyn said...

@_yle - dunno that show. will check.

@scout - noticed that too :)