Swan kissing

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play the role of  ballerinas competing for the prima ballerina crown. the two won't quit it and finally resolved the issue by giving in to the sexual tension and kissed. okay, i just made that up. hehe. the real story of the Black Swan film can be found here. they did kiss intensely though. hehe. trailer at the bottom.

oh natalie. how can you be soo good and be soo bad too (in a good bad way. sounds confusing, but you know what i mean. hehe.) ;)

full trailer:


_yle said...

You can have Natalie - I've got dibs on this Mila Kunis.

Anonymous said...

i'm excited para dito. sana may torrents na para ma-download ko na.

Anonymous said...

parang mas gusto ko yung version mo. hehehe. anyway, it would definitely be an intense movie coz Aronofsky does make intense ones.

- the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@_yle - nice, parang hating kapatid :)

@Anonymous - sana nga meron na. pa-share pag nadownload mo na ha? :)

@the anonymous - haha. we wish! :) I haven't seen any film yet of Aronofsky. I did borrow a dvd of Requiem for a Dream, but never got the time to watch it. maybe after my Bones marathong :)

Anonymous said...

that is 1 intense movie! it definitely convinced me not to take drugs. hahaha! i'm sure you'll have a crush on Jennifer Conelly ;)

- the anonymous