girl-to-girl / lesbian themed films

Hi ladies! :) Here are the girl-to-girl themed films which I am familiar with. I have placed an * to the titles I personally like. RM has been downloading these so you might want to ask for copies from her. Hehe. Thanks RM! :)

Clyte - as promised, here's the list :)

Gangrene - thanks for the additional suggestions :)

G2G / Lez-themed Flicks
*And Then Came Lola
*Better Than Chocolate
*Black Swan
*But I'm a Cheerleader -funny and touching
*Chasing Amy - love the way g2g is explained
Claire of the Moon
Desert Hearts - recommended by gangrene
Family Affair
Gia - stars angelina jolie 
*Goldfish Memory - the first i enjoyed immensely
*Gray Matters - recommended by gangrene. seen this. love it! :)
High Art - recommended by gangrene. haven't seen this yet.
*I Can't Think Straight - cute multi-racial couple!
*If These Walls Could Talk 2 - i heart chloe sevigny as butch
*Imagine Me and You - lovely couple :)
*The Incredible Adventures of Two Girls In Love
Itty Bitty Titty Committee
It's In the Water
Kids Are All Right
*Kissing Jessica Stein - the first i've seen
Lost and Delirious
*Loving Annabelle - annabelle is intense! :)
Memento Mori
Mulholland Drive
My Summer of Love
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
*Puccini For Beginners - shows how fluid we can be 
*Rome and Juliet - the first local g2g film that i really liked. fan of andrea del rosario!
Room in Rome
*Saving Face - love this!
*Show Me Love - cute!
Spider Lilies
*The Runaways - kristen stewart and dafota fanning. need i say more? ;)
*The Truth About Jane - cried a river over this bec of the coming out dilemma
*Tipping the Velvet (Brit version) - my top g2g film :)

If you ladies know some more good stuff, feel free to suggest some more. thanks! =)

you can also check these sites for more: wolfe video and imdb


gangrenes said...

There's High Art, Gray Matters, and Desert Hearts and maybe A League of Their Own as well (even if it's not that... gay. whaaat. it's practically iconic.)

firewomyn said...

@gangrene = thanks for the suggestions! added them in the list :)

Anonymous said...

nice! thanks for the list!

- tcf

Anonymous said...

what about boys on the side? --twistedhalo

chocoblue said...

"Fingersmith" - (one of my faves) like "Tipping the Velvet", is another miniseries from BBC. both are adaptations from Sarah Waters' novels. her novel "Affinity" was also adapted. "The Night Watch" is also being adapted to a miniseries. all are lesbian/queer themed :)

Anonymous said...

fire, thank you for this list! ang dami pala. rome and juliet is the best! hehe sana madami pang gawin na local films.


Anonymous said...

fire, thank you for this list! madami pa pala akong d napapanood. i agree with you super bet ko ang rome and juliet. produce tau ng local g2g film.. hehe!


Anonymous said...

weee! ang sarap naman sa feeling na namemention sa blog. haha! thank you fire for this list. sana may gumawa pa ng local g2g film noh? i really loved rome and juliet!


Anonymous said...

The Thai movie Yes or No is also cute...especially the main characters!;p It made me relive my 'teenage' kilig days!hehe!-pepita

kitkat said...

thanks for this Fire!!!! i've seen Loving Annabelle--its brilliant!
plus sexy..but i heard the stars got under-rated..sad..
how you doin fire?
take care,

po said...

check four faced liar....

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - sorry, can't remember if it has gay theme. will check...*checking done* omg! this has to be in the list! :) i saw this from way back and also loves the soundtrack. thanks for making me remember! muah!

@Chocoblue - i didn't like Fingersmith so much. kinda tragic for me. i then must post something for TV! thanks for the tips! :)

@pepita - they are soo cute! i will definitely add this! :) thank you!

@po - cute! sayang, i read the whole plot already. haha. will add too. thank you! :)

rz fortajada said...

I've been on lesbian film marathons (and I've recently used my sem break to download and watch all six seasons of The L word). The stars of I Can't Think Straight made a another lesbian film, The World Unseen. It's a period piece, and it deals with feminism too. :)

Anonymous said...

hi fire :)

you might want to consider, got it from lesbian thread. :)

The Chinese Botanists Daughter,
Hu die(Butterfly)
When Night Is Falling
Love My Life
Candy Rain
Love's Lone Flower
The Murmur of Youth
Fish And Elephant