i don't really consider myself a feminist or an activist of some sort. but i do take interest in the lgbt affairs. there was an uproar from the lgbt community about an ABS-CBN morning show anchor blaming our people for the death of two teenagers. when the news came out, i was in such a happy plane that i didn't have the expletives to express then. but am glad that we have staunch defenders in the community that mightily represented us and properly corrected all the wrong in anthony taberna's unfounded and ridiculous theory. you can read our people's say on this in these 3 posts:

On Flaunting
Op-Ed: An Open Letter to Anthony Taberna

Short Reactions to Mr. Taberna's Homophobia 

Watch the video here

he made mention that we are good in the performance arts. i made a quick check of the women i've come to personally know through this blog, and to my surprise, none belongs to the "performance arts"! hehe.

let me see, we have doctors, lawyer, writers (print, tv, online), banker, architect, manager, graphic artist, nurse, IT professionals, students, researchers, PhD grads, financial analyst. impressive demographic yeah? :) but performance artist? nada. 

if being "maarte" is counted, then we have one performance maartist in me. haha. well, i do know we are performers. we excel in our fields. if not really super excel, at least we have fabulous outfits to dress the part. tee-hee!


JC said...

lol...hey there's nothing wrong with being in the performance arts!

One of my favorite quotes from Dead Poets Society:

"And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."

firewomyn said...

@JC - i love the quote! and i agree! it's just female gays are not known in the performance arts or maybe because they're not yet out like us. haha.

JC said...

haha...I googled lesbian+celebrities+philippines and #4 on the list was this:


my favorite is the race car driver. she's such a badass! haha