LGBT meet up!

hey ladies! am going to this meet up. the speaker, Reighben (male gay) i must tell you is a engaging facilitator. all voices are welcome. he'll ignite the fire in us to be proud of who we are, that we deserve fairness and equal treatment for.

it is in this meet up (filipino free thinkers and hate crime watch used to be in one meet up) that i met an out 14 year-old girl bisexual named Juno! at 14, she's already a freshman college student. she was donned in tank and skirt with headsets strapped on her neck. pretty assertive too. and what's even more interesting and inspiring is that it was her father who told her about the group and encouraged her to attend! ain't that the coolest dad?!

we all have stories to tell. if not tell, it's enriching to listen and learn of other people's stories. specially, the colorful and eventful lgbt stories. hope to see you there! =) 

Hate Crime Watch Everyone-Is-Invited General Meet-up

Saturday, October 1 · 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Cafe Molinari (Beside Treehouse), Matalino St, Barangay Central, Diliman, Quezon City

To get to know the Philippine LGBT Hate Crime Watch, Read this Blog Page:http://thephilippinelgbthatecrimewatch.blogspot.com/2011/09/philippine-lgbt-hate-crime-watch.html
Mark your calendars LGBT Rights Heroes! We're going to meet again this October 1, 2011! This time around, bring your friends, relatives, office mates and acquaintances. Let's get to know each other. Let's share with each other our opinions on the state and well-being of LGBT Filipinos. Specifically, we'll talk about:

1. What kind of prejudice do LGBT Filipinos experience? What are its roots?
2. How, in our own mundane ways, can we fight against it?
3. Finally, let's talk about the LGBT Blog Fest: Details can be found on this page:http://thephilippinelgbthatecrimewatch.blogspot.com/2011/09/lgbt-rights-blog-fest.html
4. How, in our own regular Joe/Jane/Joe-Jane capabilities, do we inspire more people to join our advocacy?
5. Are you happy with QC as a meet-up area? If not, where do you want to meet-up in?
6. Who can be with us on Oct 4 2011, 8am, at the Quezon City RTC to support Ricky Rivero for his on-going case against Hanz Ivan Ruiz?
7. We're going to have a mini writing workshop care of Oscar Atadero! :) He's going to teach us how to write press statements. :) *We may change venues so we can accommodate this activity! We'll keep you posted!*

Please invite people to come folks! Don't be shy!


Professional Whiner said...

See yah

rz fortajada said...

I might (vaguely) know Reighben. Hahaha. Did he graduate from UPM?

Anyway, matry nga ang mga ganito in the future. Tatapusin ko lang ang academic stress sa buhay ko at may free time nako ulit. :P