i had a dream and it is round

There's something about being a minority that makes me want all lgbt peeps to succeed in their/our respective fields.  I want us to be in a position of power and influence, not to demean anyone, but so that others won't/can't easily discriminate us. 

An Anonymous reader sent this comment about the Crime and Prejudice post.

... if there's anything that struck me then as profoundly true, it's that tolerance is a far cry from acceptance. The Philippines may be progressing in that aspect, but at what rate? :/ There's still a long way before the majority would ever be purged clean of the cringing and name-calling and prejudice.

Only when you're privileged enough to revolve in a circle of open-minded people do you have semblance of a freedom.

i haven't experienced this so-called acceptance yet, but the way Anonymous painted it makes me want to stretch my arms, catch a falling star, and kiss a dream. i have been so used with wearing my closet shoes and its matching closet dress because it safely but cautiously allowed me to navigate my way, to secretly co-exist in the straight world. it sure does feel like a lifetime ago when i fit like a T in the straight world. until i discovered that the world is not straight, but round! as round as the curve of a woman's hips that bore the generation before us. as round and firm as a woman's buttocks extending to round and strong limbs. twice as round as a woman's pair of nurturing breasts. as round as a woman's face that is second to nature to cup. as round as a woman's personality that rolls with the times and necessity. 

the world is round and there's no turning back. 


tcf said...

guess i should thank all the false gods out there that our friends (O. and mine) like the idea of us borrowing each other clothes, shoes, make-up, getting facial treatments and foot spas, and most of all sleeping together. we are a gay couple maneuvering smoothly in the straight world.

being with friends means thriving in the ideal environment, but it's an entirely different case kapag nasa family dinners where i've been posing as her parasitic best friend for three years na. hahahaha

anyway, kanya kanyang areas lang of struggle. wecandothis!!!

firewomyn said...

@tcf - that's the advantage of being both femme :) you hardly get noticed bec people assume that gays are only the boyish kind. good for you and O! yes, we can do this! i believe so! :) join kayo sa pride march sa Dec. let's wear masks :)

Anonymous said...

"the world is not straight but round." indeed!Tama,nsa pgdadala lng yan..as for me,i dnt expect people to accept me and i dnt feel the need to explain myself to them when it comes to my sexual preference.i work in a conservative environment but bcoz i look so girly & innocent,people dnt suspect m gay.:p eventually my ofism8s met my gf without me introducing her as such...but they were able to get along.i guess there's this unspoken tolerance & understanding dt m gay.well,we don't really need to agree wid someone for us to understand them ryt?-pepita