divain intervention

still about rain -

been looking for rainy days shoes since i commute for hours. my criteria were: 1) closed shoes - to keep my feet dry, 2) elevated/heeled - to brave the floods, 3) black - so that dirt/mud won't be that noticeable, 4) comfortable - because i have a grueling commute/walk combo to work, twice a day, five days a week.

since i have limited budget (as usual), i scrounged the malls, for weeks. after many hours of walking, leg cramps, and feet torture (was wondering if my feet would still be alive by the time i buy the coveted shoes), i came up with these three choices.

1. Merrell - fits the top3 criteria, but the last available size is too small for me thus i wasn't able to determine if it's comfy enough. so you may be thinking i have shrekkish feet now haha. let's just say am no petite girl. the same style sad to say isn't available in the other malls i went to. sigh.

2. Keds - actually saw this from a girl while i was on my way to the dentist, but in gray color. i mistook the "K" as Kickers and painstakingly searched for it unsuccessfully, until I chanced upon the Keds version. So maybe it was really Keds and not Kickers. hehe. Anyhoo, I like it already, but noticed that the material is chapped leather. that bothered me even though it's on sale. the rest of the leather pieces may fall off each month i wear it. not a good investment.

3. NafNaf - last day before office day again, tried my luck one last time and went malling. my feet's screaming at me and my veins clawing on my legs, cursing me for the pain i'm giving them with all these shoe searching. scanned the store and didn't fine one i need. as i was on my way out, saw one displayed on the side, not among the throng of shoes. i felt slight tightening in my gut. it fits the bill, 3/4 of my criteria. tried it, looks nice, but too big. asked the unattentive saleslady for a smaller size. she left with a frown, returned with a frown and bad news. it's the smallest size. gf was convincing me to try the brown. i know i don't want brown, but gave it the benefit of the doubt. after seconds in it, my conviction's confirmed, i still don't like brown. i gave it back to the lady. with a heavy heart, frown now on my face, and death threat from my feet, i motioned to leave, feeling too defeated, until... "divain" intervention happened.

the sales lady reappeared, rushing, carrying closed, elevated, black shoes, same style -- in my size! woohoo! she recounted that the shoebox labeled with a bigger size actually had a smaller size in it. wow! ain't that surreal right?! and it's on sale too! am overjoyed. =)

feeling like cinderella, i slipped my weary feet in it, and wiggled my toes a little bit. fits nice. walked on it and it's not painful. walked some more and i know it's not the aerosole type i sorta wanted, but i think thick socks would do it. =) i can also buy silicon type of insole if i still need additional cushion.

so now, me and my feet are friends again! yey! i had pedicure earlier and i plan to make it up to my feet by having a foot massage next week. now i think my toes are clapping. haha! good night friends! =)





Anonymous said...

I have a pair of knee high black boots, wedge type. It keeps even my pants dry ( i just tuck it inside the boots when it's raining). Goes well with skirts and pants. Pramis effective sha dahil tuyo buong legs mo:)Meron ata sa glorietta around 1.5K bili ko last year - Ephemeral

firewomyn said...

@Ephemeral - wow! knee-high, seems slinky. i like that it's wedge type. hope you can email me a pic and do tell the brand so i can check it out (email is in my profile). i need a highly comfy pair of boots. my left ankle had been sprained years ago so i can't be on high heels a long time without hurting. hay, sad story. just when everything heeled is sexy.