TGII (thank god i'm inlove)

hayyy…. Am inlove. *blush*

The thought of her makes me smile. She gives me hope that things will in the end be alright. She's the only woman who can make me mushy. Mygosh! I used to be astig, but now am all gooey jello because of her. I love her. Really. Deeply. I often pinch her cheeks because she's just the cutest for me. I love squeezing the air out of her from my hug until the tight emotion in me loosens up. I love her so much. So much that it leaves me perplexed of my new found capacity to care for someone. All the happy love songs are for her. She is the embodiment of my non-type. And yet, love grew without my conscious knowing and I've fallen before I can even interrogate the conflict in me. She is my exception. Am enamored by her smile and her unassuming ways. She's like hair and nails. Keeps growing on me even if I cut 'em numerous times. I guess that's resilience. And if I did have countless doubts before, the test of time has in the same breath proven that she is the only one I love the most.

by Cynthia Alexander

me & you
whispering of ripplewind
& faerie wing

me & you
undaunted by
our joyful scarring

me & you
of twisting fates
in corridors of time

silence is the fire
that speaks to us in tongues

what is tomorrow
it may never come

what is yesterday
is now done

we always were
we always will
we always are
we always intertwine

me & you
beholden grace

in our eyes
in our hands
unfolding space


Anonymous said...

uy....she's inlove :) cheers to all the girls who's inlove.
cheers to both of us :)


firewomyn said...

@shygirl - yey! happy pride! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i felt the love and kilig. il have that too, soon. makiki-cheers na rin. CHEERS!


Anonymous said...

Ganyan mainloooove... :D

Happy for us :D
- ephemeralbliss

JenEllyn said...

Happy for you girl! spread the love! =)

firewomyn said...

@Paula - hello and thanks! I'm sure when all is right & ready, it will come for you. For the meantime, enjoy! :) thanks for the comment :)

@ephemeralbliss - medyo napakanta ako dun ah! :) ganyan mainlab! Lab! Lab! Lab! Lab! Hehe. *Shirley song I think by eheads*

@jenellyn - indeed! Happy happy! :) specially now that you two are together in US :) more power!

Anonymous said...

ang tamis! - knowmehateme

firewomyn said...

@knowmehateme - ongae :) maiba naman, lagi na lang pait ang pinapatikim sa kin ng buhay e.

Anonymous said...

comfort in your strangeness of cynthia alexander is also nice (--,) - knowmehateme

firewomyn said...

@knowmehateme - i like that one too! and also U & I =)